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High Point High School
Camila Donis

Hi, my name is Camila Donis. I am a junior at High Point High School with a 4.0 Cumulative GPA. I enjoy running, trying new things, and challenging myself. I’ve thought of looking for a major somewhere around the business field. I’m interested in becoming a Marketing Manager or a Budget Analyst.
Montgomery Blair High School
Khushi Patric

Hi! My name is Khushi Patric . I am a rising 11th grader at Montgomery Blair High School with a 3.75 grade point average. My hobbies include editing , painting and photography. I want to be a pilot when I grow up and make my family proud of myself.
Charles Herbert Flowers High School
Samgwa’a Lesiga

My name is Samgwa’a Lesiga. I’m an 11th grade student with a 3.6 gpa. I enjoy watching anime, as well as gaming, reading books/manga and playing the piano. My career goal(s) is to become one of 3 types of engineers, mechanical, computer science or electrical engineer.
Parkdale High School
Yanci Argueta

Hi! My name is Yanci Argueta. I am in the 11th grade and my gpa is a 3.8. My hobbies include reading, photography, swimming, and learning more about medicine. My career goal is to become a pediatric surgeon.
High Point High School
Luis Diaz

My name is Luis Diaz. I am a rising 11th grader with a 3.83 grade point average. My hobbies include chess, studying political science, mathematics and participating in anaerobic exercise. Preferably, I would like to major in accounting and work in government audit or as a business consult. With time and experience, eventually become a CPA (certified public accountant). The ultimate goal remains to be financially literate and participate in investing as well as starting businesses anywhere possible, to not only make money, but build wealth.
Parkdale High School
Jennifer Mercado

Hi my name is Jennifer Mercado, and I’m an 11th grader, my accumulative gpa is a 4.0 exact. My hobbies consist of working out and watching shows or reading novels. In the future I aspire to be a physician assistant in emergency medicine or pediatrics
High Point High School
Crisly Chavez

My name is Crisly Chavez. I go to High Point High School and I’m in 11th grade. My gpa from 2020 was a 3.4. My hobby is doing digital art and reading. My career goal is either doing internal medicine or anesthesiology.
Parkdale High School
Oluwadamilola Akinyemi
Note Taker

My name is Oluwadamilola Akinyemi. I am a junior at Parkdale High School. I currently have a 4.0 GPA. My hobbies include, cooking, playing tennis, dancing, listening to music and basically anything that brings me joy. In the future I hope to be a surgeon and a public health enthusiast. I also hope to be a business woman and an investor
Parkdale High School
Mistura Muritala

My name is Mistura Muritala, I am a junior at Parkdale High School. I have a 4.0 Cumulative GPA and in my free time I like to use it to learn American Sign Language, run and watch 90’s films. I aspire to be OBGYN and I would like to own my own private practice in the future.
High Point High School
Valeria Monterroza
Note Taker

My name is Valeria Monterroza. I’m a junior at High Point High School. I have a 3.7 gpa. I like to watch Studio Ghibli movies and listen to calming music. I want to be an ER doctor as my lifelong career.
Central High School
Janaya Massie

Hello! My name is Janaya Massie, I am currently a rising senior from Central High School with a 3.2 GPA. Some of my hobbies are gaming, studying Korean, and playing my ukulele and flute. My career goal as of recently is to be able to go to college for becoming a musician, as well as be able to start my goal of becoming a better artist and SFX makeup artist.
Northwood High School
Margarita Salazar

Hi, my name is Margarita. I am a student ambassador at Upward Bound. I go to Northwood High School and I am in 10th grade. My GPA is 3.6.
Some of my hobbies are bike riding, Embroidery and going on hikes. I like to go on hikes because when I was in my country I used to do them with my dad but now he can't do it with me. My goal is to go to University and graduate. I want to major in Marketing.
Northwestern High School
Hawa Abani
Note Taker

My name is Hawa Abani. I am in the 11th grade and I attend Northwestern High School. I have a 4.0 GPA and I love listening to music and drawing. My career goal is to be able to enjoy the work/career that I do and to live a comfortable life with my career.
High Point High School
Anurag Tripathi

My name is Anurag Tripathi, I am a rising junior and I have an average GPA of 3.5. My hobbies are playing volleyball, playing Tabla and working with computers. My future career interests are either going in the medical or the computer science field.
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