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Jarrell Slade, M.Ed., LGPC

Jarrell Slade, M.Ed., LGPC

Jarrell Slade, M.Ed., LGPC

Associate Director

Jarrell Slade is the Associate Director of Pre-College Programs. He is also the recent award winner of the Undergraduate Studies Staff Recognition Departmental Award (pictured) for all of his hard work, dedicated service, and commitment to upholding the university's mission and vision!

He manages two, federally-funded TRIO programs (Upward Bound I & II) and oversees the LIFT program and its logistics. Before occupying this position, Slade worked as the Program Manager for Pre-College Programs: Upward Bound II and was promoted to Associate Director of Pre-College Programs due to his community engagement prowess, his knowledge of mental and social health, and his civic duty to enhance the program and department as a whole.

Before UMD, Slade worked in many sectors that included non-profit organizations, mental health clinics, the public school system, and more. While in these spaces, Slade created a psychiatric rehabilitation program (Greater Maryland Youth) that focused on life skills training, academic achievement, and community integration for underrepresented minority youth in Prince George's County, MD from 2016 to 2019. Slade also worked as a DEI consultant with Alexandria City Public Schools to enhance their knowledge of equitable practices within the school environment and worked as an Operations Lead with Envision at WorldStrides to conduct a successful youth leadership development program. Slade's most recent experience as the Associate Director has allowed him to revolutionize our program to new heights by designing a comprehensive, culturally competent counseling curriculum for program students, organizing community service and programmatic events around civic duty and engagement, and developing a mentorship program in partnership with the UMD Intercollegiate Athletics department to help Upward Bound student athletes actualize their dreams in becoming D1 athletes.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (ARCO: Organizational Psychology) from the University of Maryland, College Park, a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Development from The George Washington University, and is working on his doctorate in Educational Leadership & Change.

Slade focuses on closing the achievement gap within the minority community and promoting all students to strive for their absolute highest! 


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